Achilles Tendonitis Treatment

Achilles tendonitis is the most common cause of foot pain and swelling. Those with flat feet are prone to developing this condition, as well as people who overpronate. People who perform physical fitness activities are particularly at risk for developing this condition. Because Achilles tendons are attached to the front of the shin bone, the condition can be very painful. When a person is experiencing Achilles pain, they will experience severe inflammation and swelling in the front of the heel and the upper part of the calf.

achilles tendonitis treatment


A lot of people try anti-inflammatory drugs to relieve heel pain Adelaide and inflammation, but they do not solve the problem. If you have flat feet or high arches, you should know that this will only make the condition worse because they will press on the Achilles tendon and lead to even more inflammation. There are a lot of simple home remedies that you can use to reduce inflammation immediately. The first thing you should do is get an orthosis. This device, which is like a small piece of plastic, can be easily bought at any medical store. It is important to note that orthotics Adelaide work to correct your gait by evenly distributing your weight while walking or running.


The next step is to apply a heating pad on the painful area. Heating pads will help increase blood flow to the area and reduce pain from swelling. You should do this every hour. Another effective method is to place ice on the painful area. Ice will not only reduce inflammation but it will also take away the swelling caused by the infection in the tendon.

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In order to treat Achilles tendonitis Adelaide, you will need to see a podiatrist. Your podiatrist will suggest a specific therapy plan which will include physical therapy and heel lifts. Heel lifts will stretch the Achilles tendon and improve the strength of the tendon. During your therapy session, your podiatrist will perform a series of heel raises that gradually work the Achilles tendon.


Heel lifts will also help you overcome Achilles tendinitis. However, these heel raises will help reduce inflammation. Your podiatrist will also prescribe custom orthotics to correct your gait as well. Custom orthotics help to increase the stability of your foot.


The last part of your Achilles tendonitis treatment includes calf exercises. You should be exercising your calf three to four times a day. The idea of calf exercises is to strengthen the Achilles tendon. If possible, you should not have more than one exercise per calf. Make sure that you do not overwork your calves because they will be too weak to support your weight.