All About Physiotherapists in Clarence Park, Adelaide

physiotherapist Clarence Park Adelaide

A Physiotherapist is a professional who assists patients with their physical rehabilitation. Physiotherapists use different therapeutic techniques to help patients overcome their disability and live their life normally. They are licensed to practice in most areas of Australia, but in South Australia there is a limitation to the type of physiotherapy that can be performed on patients. The law restricts that a physiotherapist must only perform remedial massage for back pain in patients suffering from conditions that do not require further medical intervention.


Physiotherapists have the skills and knowledge to administer remedial massage in Clarence Park, as part of an overall health program for patients with chronic pain or injury. This type of massage can be beneficial both physiologically and physically and is commonly used in conjunction with other therapies, such as exercise, massage, chiropractic adjustments, hot packs and ice packs, electrical stimulation, manual therapy and pranic massage. In some cases, orthopaedic bracing may be recommended to relieve pressure on the spine and encourage the healing of the disc. If a patient has been prescribed an orthopaedic brace, the physiotherapist should undertake a thorough assessment of its suitability before deciding whether it is the appropriate treatment method for the patient.


Physiotherapy is a comprehensive course of treatment that is designed to strengthen the patient’s musculoskeletal system and to improve his or her quality of life. It aims to alleviate pain, improve muscle function, prevent injury, improve muscle co-ordination, rehabilitate and prevent disability. Injuries are normally treated using physical therapy, chiropractic care, exercise, massage and physiotherapy. Appropriate diagnostic tests are carried out in order to determine the nature and cause of the injury and to establish the most effective course of remedial action.

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One of the benefits of physiotherapy is the use of remedial massage. Physiotherapists provide this treatment to patients with muscle pain, spasticity or neuromuscular disease. This type of massage is usually used before and after exercise to reduce pain and stiffness. After a session of remedial massage, the physiotherapist will provide advice on ways to avoid injury and to improve the quality of life for his or her patient.


A rehabilitation program usually consists of physiotherapy and occupational stress management, depending on the patient’s need. The physiotherapist will design a program of treatments that will keep the patient active and away from injuries. This rehabilitation program should include instruction on proper nutrition to ensure that nutritional needs are met even after a physiotherapist has left the field. It will also include instructions on how to properly take medication, exercise regularly and avoid injuries.


Physiotherapists are highly trained individuals and they have a license from the relevant regulatory body in their respective state to practice. With a number of schools and courses available to physiotherapists across the country, there is no reason why a physiotherapist should not be able to find work in the area of his or her choice. As more people are becoming interested in physiotherapy, especially with the growing interest of athletes in treating injury and keeping them fit, the demand for qualified and experienced physiotherapists is expected to grow in the next few years.